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Here at Kay Animal Hospital we have always stressed the importanceof yearly exams . The exam is the annual visit where your pet,depending on whether they are feline or canine, receives a complete,thorough physical exam, appropriate vaccines, heartworm testing anda fecal exam or deworming.

Why are wellness exams important?

1. One year in human lives compares to five-seven years for your pet.

2. If your dog goes outdoors, on walks, plays with other dogs, goesto a groomer or boards while you're out of town, then their Bordetella vaccine should be boostered every six months.

3. As animals begin to age more health problems occur. Theseproblems may not be apparent to you, the owner. By examining yourpet annually, early detection and diagnosis helps improve yourpet's quality of life.

4. Wellness exams are the perfect time to perform routine blood andurine tests. These screening tests allow us to see a picture of whatis going on inside your pet's body. It is impossible for us to knowhow healthy you pet is internally without performing these tests. Ahealthy appearance on the outside DOES NOT equal a healthy pet onthe inside. In our years of practice, we have discovered many, manydisease processes going on in healthy appearing animals. The soonerthe problem is diagnosed and a treatment plan administered, thebetter chance your pet has for recovery and for living a longer,healthier life.

5. We want our clients to be happy. We want our patients to livelong, happy, pain free, high quality lives. Wellness exams androutine screening tests are a big step towards you helping us helpyour pets achieve these goals.


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